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Q.  Cost of this service?

There is no fee for this service. It is simply a value added service from Ladd Family Pharmacy!

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Q.  Is the website secure?

 We use SSL AES-128 bit encryption, a highly accepted form of security on the internet. Our site is HIPAA compliant in regard to protecting your information.

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Q.  How do I sign up?

Use the in store sign up form and/or go to and click Create Account. As a security measure we will verify new accounts with the enrollment forms or online.

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Q.  More questions?

 Please ask one of our customer care representatives or email:

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Refill Now

Directly from your profile, bottle, or mobile device

Three ways to refill your prescriptions below. Customers may also print out the in store sign up form below and have our pharmacy staff setup the profile at anytime.

in store sign up form

Your Online Profile

You Can Select Refills / Manage History / Tax Profile Printouts / Pay Account

Got to the FREE online setup at and Login (existing online account) or Create Account (new online account).  You can also use the "Not Loggen In?" section of the site if you prefer not to create an account to submit refills online (see Option 2 below).

Note: When you setup a new account, an email is sent once it is activated

Detailed Instructions

Your Prescription Bottle

Follow these simple steps to refill via your bottle WITH OR WITHOUT AN ONLINE ACCOUNT

Go to:

Use the 'Not signed up yet?' section of the site. Enter last name and the active prescription numbers, add a note as needed and click 'Submit'.

Download Rx2Go FREE Mobile App


Once downloaded for the first time, enter 83706 zip code and then select 'Ladd Family Pharmacy' as your preferred pharmacy.

Enter the active prescriptions or scan the bottle, and click 'Submit'.